Astrology for Stock Markets

To determine the future trend of any Financial Markets like Equity, Futures, Derivatives, Bullion, Commodities, Bonds, Currencies or other Financial Instruments, we follow studies like Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, Technical Patterns, Cycle Analysis, Financial Astrology, Numerology and combination of some or all above studies guide us to determine the possible future trend to accuracy of 75%-90% but none of the studies are perfect by itself. Financial Astrology has proved to be as useful as other sciences to forecast the movement in financial markets with the help of various complex planetary configurations.

No one knows why planets, their placement in different houses, ingress in various houses or transits through various houses, aspects, conjunctions with other planets or other complex configurations effect the price movement in various financial markets but these do. Different aspects like Semi-Sextile, Sextile, Square, Semi-Square, Trine, Quincunx among different planets (friendly or inimical) do give different results at different times. Solar and Lunar Eclipses do give predictable results most of the times. Full moon and New moon days have always played an important role in Financial Markets.

The basic rule of financial astrology is: Favourable planetary alignments through transit contacts with benefics during the dasha periods of well-placed planets will tend to yield price increases, while bad aspects from bad planets, tend to push the share price down. The inner planets — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus — move quickly through the zodiac so their affect on Stock Market last for few days/few weeks. On the other hand the effect of outer planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto last for several weeks to several months.

Astrology for Individuals

Most of us want to know our future & solution to our problems like, Overall Health, Finances, Courage, Velor, Siblings, Domestic Enviroments, Assets (movable or immovable), Education, Children, Gains orLosses in Stock Market or Speculation, Social Status, Debts, Court Cases, Illness, Love Affair, Marriage, Charatcterstics of spouse, Divorce, Seperation, Extra Marital Affairs, Business Partnerships, Chronic illnesses, Spirituality, Job, Career, Profession, Profits, Losses, Incoming Wealth, Wasteful Expenditures, Bed Comforts, Foriegn Travels or Settlement, Possibility of success in Civil Service Exams etc.

Astrology or Jyotish (joe-tish), is translated as “the science of light’. Vedic Astrology consists of 9 Planets (it does not consider Outer planets like Uranus, Pluto & Neptune), 12 Zodiac signs, 27 Conslettions. Sometimes Planets move in Direct or Retrograde motion, they are Exalted or debilitated or Combust. Full Moon, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse also play important role in the life of every individual. In addition to this there are various good or bad yogs in everyone’s life i.e. Sade-Sati of Saturn, Kaal Sarpa Yog, Mool Nakshtra, Gaj-Kesari Yog, Budh Aditya Yog, Guru-Chandal Yog, Mahapurush Yog, Vipreet Raj Yog, Nabhas Yog etc.

Placement of planets in various zodiac signs, their lordship, benefic or malefic aspects in birth chart or divisional charts (for Specific details) like Navamsa, Dasmasa charts do give good or bad results in life of every individuals which can be analysed and predicted. There are several astrological remedies like Prayers, Donations, Havans, Gem Stones, Rudrakshs, Yantras, Reciting of Mantras which can either solve or dilute the ill affects of bad period in anyone’s life.