Services / Payment Options

Currently, we are providing the following services based on Financial Astrology with Weekly Newsletter on a 1M/ 3M/ 6M/ Yearly payment basis.

  1. Astrological Trading Suggestion of F&O Stocks + Indexes (Inc Call/ Put Options) – Rs 5,000/Month, Rs 14,000/3 Months, Rs 27,000/6 Months, Rs 50,000/Year
  2. Astrological Trading Suggestion of Commodities + Indexes (Inc Call/ Put Options) like Gold, Silver, Crude, Metals, Natural Gas and – Rs 5,000/Month, R 14,000/3 Months, Rs 27,000/6 Months, Rs 50,000/Year.
  3. Combo Pack of above (F&O Stocks + Commodities + Indexes) – Rs 8,000/Month, Rs 21,000/3 Months, Rs 40,000/6 Month Rs 75,000/ 12 Months
  4. Astrological Trading Suggestion of OPTIONS (Nifty/ Bank Nifty Only) – Rs 4,000/Month, Rs 10,000/3 Months, Rs 18,000/6 Month, Rs 30,000/Year.
  5. Premium Astrology Based Trades Only – 4 Trades in 2 weeks from F&O Stocks (No Index, No Options) – Rs 12,000/Month, Rs 30,000/3 Months, Rs 54,000/6 Months, Rs 95,000/ 12 Months.
  6. Analysis of Horoscope – Instead of losing Thousands & Lacs of Rupees in Stock Market Trading, get your Kundali (Horoscope) Checked if you are destined to make Speculative Gains or not. Also know about your Personal Health, Love Affairs, Married Life, Career & Finance, Progeny, Foreign Travel, Govt Job etc.

We provide the following services for analyzing the Horoscopes

  • F.1 – Ask 1 Question –Rs 1100/-
  • F.2 –Ask 3 Questions –Rs 2100/-
  • F.3 – Ask 5 Questions – Rs 3100 (With Additional Analysis of each house)

You need to provide your Birth Details, Lagna Chart (If details are doubtful), Your Question(s) and Payment for the service chosen

You can transfer/ deposit Money in favor of  Gulshan Kumar

You can make payment as per the given options & share the Screen Shot or Bank Reference details over WhatsApp at 96541-67888 or WhatsApp at 96541-67888 or

Saving A/c No. 10031000019801
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State Bank of India
Saving A/c No. 55015486347
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Mobile No 9312226760
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Gulshan Kumar
(Financial Astrologer & Technical Analyst)
Jyotish Shastracharya (AIFAS, New Delhi)
CFTe (International Federation of Technical Analysts- USA)
Diploma in Technical Analysis (STA- UK)