Personal Astrology

Most of us want to know our future & solution to our problems like, Overall Health, Finances, Courage, Velor, Siblings, Domestic Enviroments, Assets (movable or immovable), Education, Children, Gains orLosses in Stock Market or Speculation, Social Status, Debts, Court Cases, Illness, Love Affair, Marriage, Charatcterstics of spouse, Divorce, Seperation, Extra Marital Affairs, Business Partnerships, Chronic illnesses, Spirituality, Job, Career, Profession, Profits, Losses, Incoming Wealth, Wasteful Expenditures, Bed Comforts, Foriegn Travels or Settlement, Possibility of success in Civil Service Exams etc.

Astrology or Jyotish (joe-tish), is translated as “the science of light’. Vedic Astrology consists of 9 Planets (it does not consider Outer planets like Uranus, Pluto & Neptune), 12 Zodiac signs, 27 Conslettions. Sometimes Planets move in Direct or Retrograde motion, they are Exalted or debilitated or Combust. Full Moon, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse also play important role in the life of every individual. In addition to this there are various good or bad yogs in everyone’s life i.e. Sade-Sati of Saturn, Kaal Sarpa Yog, Mool Nakshtra, Gaj-Kesari Yog, Budh Aditya Yog, Guru-Chandal Yog, Mahapurush Yog, Vipreet Raj Yog, Nabhas Yog etc.

Placement of planets in various zodiac signs, their lordship, benefic or malefic aspects in birth chart or divisional charts (for Specific details) like Navamsa, Dasmasa charts do give good or bad results in life of every individuals which can be analysed and predicted. There are several astrological remedies like Prayers, Donations, Havans, Gem Stones, Rudrakshs, Yantras, Reciting of Mantras which can either solve or dilute the ill affects of bad period in anyone’s life.

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Following are some of the common questions related with day to day problems faced by almost all the individuals

Sample Questions for Individual’s Astrology:

  • I am always losing money in Stock Market. Is my horoscope destined for speculative gains in trading or I should focus on investment only. What are the favorable periods in my life for me to make money in stock market.
  • I am falsely implicated in a court case by some of my collogues in office. When I shall get rid of the criminal case going on against me?
  • I am a Software Engineer having good job in Mumbai but I am interested in settling in USA or Canada. Should I be successful abroad or I should continue to stay here.
  • I want to know that will wearing of Yellow Sapphire be beneficial as Jupiter being the Lagna Lord is placed in 06th House.
  • I would like to know whether there is any problem in my married life since rahu in seventh House. My marriage was very unusual, I had married a Muslim girl. Her’s was a second marriage too.
  • As advised by some astrologer, I am wearing 2 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi and 7 Mukhi Rudraksha for last 2 years without any positive results. Can you please confirm if I am wearing right rudraksha or not?
  • I am going through Sade-Sati of Saturn since January 2020, within the Maha Dasha of Saturn which has jeopardized my career. I am without job since the onset of COVID. My wife is also Jobless which is causing huge mental tension. When will I get a good job ?
  • Want to quit my current job by the end of this month and look for another one. How soon will I find another job with a better pay, and a proper 9-5 job.
  • My daughter has kid and separated from her husband since 3 years, Husband hasn’t divorced but doesn’t talk. Is reconciliation possible or divorce is the solution.
  • Anant is an software engineer. He is working in Microsoft from 1 year (Noida). He wants to do his own business, will it suit him or not ? If yes, then which type of business and at which place ?
  • Sun Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha is beneficial for me or not? And also suggest Shani Sade Sati 2 phase on my life. Life is very upset from last 3 years due to my health problems. When will I become fit and fine?
  • When I get a government job? When shall I get married and how will be my married Life?
  • Which course should I choose? Master in Management or Masters in Marketing Analytics for my further education? Which is good for me?
  • When I will be able to change my current company for a better salary? Will the new job be in my current city Pune? I work as a Business Analyst in IT Industry.
  • Ketan has taken money from his sister and is not returning them the money. When will he return the money? Give effective Remedies so that he returns their money.
  • I am preparing for IAS Exam next year. Will I be successful in my dreams?
  • Presently, I am running under Maha Dasha of Saturn since 2009 and my Antar-Dasha of Moon will start from November 2020. I want to know the overall impact of Saturn-Moon Period and what are the remedies.
  • I want to marry a boy which is not acceptable to my parents because of his cast and financial background. Will I marry my love or I will have to go for arranged marriage as desired by parents.
  • I am going through severe financial crisis for last 5-6 months. When will I be able to recover from this crisis? Any remedies?
  • I am in Garment Export business since last 6 years but presently my business has been effected badly. Should I continue to remain in business or look for a suitable job. I am a qualified Civil Engineer and job situation is also not rosy. Kindly advise my future prospects and suitable remedies.